Contains a 'Walk the Walk' FLIPBOOK FUN book, a 'CRAFT' FLIPBOOKIT, a single BLANK DIY CARD pack and a 'RUNNING, WALKING, JUMPING SHOW' tutorial pack on 'Generic Walks' by Tony White - all offered at this special attractive price! This package enables you to draw your own flipbook animation, print your animation drawings onto FlipBooKit cards and show them to your family and friends using your own 'CRAFT' FLIPBOOKIT device. The 'Generic Walk' tutorial text will also teach you everything you need to know about creating a perfect basic walking action in animation and will come with a set of 24 cards that will demonstrate on your FLIPBOOKIT device the walking action that is being taught .

(Note: The device shown in this illustration is an 'ORIGINAL' FLIPBOOKIT design. Your ECONOMY FUN PACKAGE will come with a 'CRAFT' FLIPBOOKIT however. To upgrade to an 'ORIGINAL' FLIPBOOKIT, please write via the www.drawtastic.org website.)