About Tony White

Tony White is an internationally recognized 2D animator, author & teacher – meaning he’s really passionate about creating traditional hand-drawn animation! Tony ran his own award-winning studio in London for 20 years before moving to the USA in 1998 to live and hopefully make movies. So far in his career Tony has created over 200 TV commercials, 2 TV Specials, several short films and the title sequence for ‘The Pink Panther Strikes Again’ movie. He is however still waiting to make that illusive movie!

Tony White is also the author of many respected textbooks on animation and has taught animation in the U.S. for the past 12 years. Tony is currently animating on his own uniquely-conceived short film, ‘CULPEPER ~ A Man of Heaven & Earth’ - which he hopes will eventually become an innovative, full-length animated docu-drama movie. His lifetime dream is to establish a non-profit, ‘living’ Museum of Animation, where the achievements of the past are honored, the young talents of the present are trained and the animated masterworks of the future are produced and screened to the world.

(To see Tony's film, 'Endangered Species' - a personal view on the rise, fall and hopeful rise again of traditional 2D animation in America - please click HERE.)