Purchase a personally signed copy of Tony White's latest book ‘The Animator’s Sketchbook’!

There's no doubt that the foundation of every form of animation mastery today is a trained eye in viewing life in all its forms. Gesture drawing from real-life observation is the most acknowledged way of doing this. Indeed, a personal sketchbook says more about the capability of an animator than simply their understanding of technology or software. A personal sketchbook is a huge asset for animators in other ways too - specifically in job or college interview situations! Recognizing this from his over 12 years of top teaching experience and 30+ years as an award-winning professional, Tony has created a definitive sketchbook approach that will enable animators to improve their work through a series of over 60 guided, drawing exercises that should be completed within the book itself. When done, the completed Sketchbook will be a wonderful asset for job-seeking animators when presenting their showreel work! 'The ANIMATOR'S SKETCHBOOK' is also a great teaching aid for animation course instructors too!